Just juice. Nothing else.


The Juis Guy! previously known as Juice Tyme approached us with a problem of low sales, substandard packaging and requested an overall effort to rebrand, revitalize, and revamp the existing brand image.


The Juis Guy!

  • Naming
  • Brand Identity and Design
  • Brand Collateral and Marketing Materials
  • Communication Strategy
  • Website Design and Development
The Challenge

The Juis Guy approached as with a number of problems from low sales to substandard packaging and requested an overall effort to rebrand revitalize and revamp the existing brand.

The Solution

Our idea was to develop a brand that will be established on delivering a powerful combination of health, taste, convenience and personalization. Leveraging on our deep insights, analytics, and a cross-functional team we the idea was to focus on millennial and gen Z without forgetting the critical yet elusive group – baby boomers.  We sought to penetrate the market by aligning the brand with the “Fit Fam” buzz. Succinctly our idea was to reiterate the increasing demand for organic juices and inspire consumers to take control of their health without compromising on taste.


“We are very excited about the new look of the brand and remarkable strides we have made in recent times. Within the first month after we sold 1920 bottles which reflects some 47% increase in sales. These numbers have grown exponentially overtime. Currently we sell approximately 5450 bottles per month.”

Michael Adoma Boamah – CEO, The Juis Guy!