Celebrating authentic Ghanaian art.


The Accra Art Week is an annual weekly celebration of art and design in the city of Accra. Each year exhibitions, art tours, studio visits, workshops among other activities take place across the city.


Accra Art Week

  • Brand Identity & Design
  • Brand Collateral & Marketing Materials
The Challenge

Our task was to redesign the AAW logo and rebrand the overall brand to appeal more to an international audience while maintaining a touch of African art.  AAW believed it would ensure a brand that is both original and still contemporary and widely appealing to a broad demographic (African and Non-African).

The Solution

In rebranding the entire AAW experience we embarked on a brand discovery journey to better understand the new experience, they envisioned and how we could connect the brand with their target audience without losing sight of their purpose which is to promote authentic art. A solid brand identity system was crafted using the most simplest of elements, lines, which is found in every discipline of art. From fine art to architecture. We tied it all together with a vibrant and compelling color palette that mirrors the essence of art.